What is Sonos Trueplay?

What is Sonos Trueplay? (Coming soon!) Sonos are always working towards providing you with the best sound experience possible using their smart wireless speaker technology. Sonos Trueplay is another step, a very big step, in fact towards that goal. What does Sonos Trueplay do? Sonos Trueplay ensures the sound that you hear from a Sonos … [Read more…]

How to retune your Panasonic TV: 2013 Range

Retune guide for Panasonic 2013 range televisions This retune guide covers the models below but this is not an exhaustive list and will apply to many models manufactured in previous years including many Panasonic Plasma TVs. TXL32XM6, TXL32E6, TXL39E6, TXL42E6, TXL50E6, TXL42ET60, TXL47ET60, TXL50ET60, TXL55ET60, TXL42FT60, TXL47FT60, TXL42DT65, TXL47DT65, TXL50DT65, TXL55DT65, TXL60DT65, Preparatory steps Before … [Read more…]